Install Visual Studio Code on Windows (Guide)

Τhis guide is about installing Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on Windows 11 & Windows 10 operating system.

VS Code is a powerful text editor, identical for programming, and getting it set up on your Windows machine is essential for development. Here’s a straightforward guide:

Install VS Code on Windows
Step 1. Download Visual Studio Code from the official website
1.1) To download VS Code, go to the official website
1.2) Then click on “Download For Windows Stable Build” and the download should start immediately
(if it doesn’t you can always click on “direct download link”).
Step 2. Install Visual Studio Code on Windows

2.1) Go to your Downloads folder and run the installer.
2.2) When the installer appears for the first time, you must accept the License Agreement.
So select “I accept the agreement” and click on “Next”.

2.3) On “Select Destination Location” leave the default path and click “Next”.

2.4) On “Select Start Menu Folder” just click on “Next”.

2.5) On “Select Additional Tasks” make sure that all the check-boxes are enabled and click “Next”.
2.6) On “Ready to Install” step, setup is now ready to begin installing Visual Studio Code on your computer.
Click on “Install” button and the installation process should start immediately.
A green bar will start loading, and it may take a few seconds, maybe minutes, for the process to complete.
2.7) In the last step of the installation process, make sure “Launch Visual Studio Code” is checked and click “Finish”.
Step 3. Run VS Code and Configure the interface

At this point VS Code should open immediately. If it doesn’t you should run it manually, by selecting the installed shortcuts. When Visual Studio Code opens for the first time, you should see a welcome screen. If you don’t see the welcome screen, on the main menu go to “Help”->”Welcome” and Under “Walkthroughs” click on “Get Started with VS Code”.

3.1) On the left side of “Welcome Screen” you can choose your preferred theme. You can select between Dark and Light themes.
3.2) After selecting your preferred theme, close the welcome screen tab and click on “Explorer” on the Top-Let corner of VS Code.

This is the default interface of Visual Studio Code.

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